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Rafael Broshi

CEO and Co-Founder of Notch

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Are you struggling to troubleshoot Instagram issues or worried about the security of your account? Look no further than our Ask Me Anything session with Notch Insurance CEO Rafael Broshi answers your questions about Instagram, from everyday issues to the latest security features. You'll leave this session feeling confident and secure using the popular social media platform.

What can I do if Instagram won’t verify my account?

The primary thing Instagram looks for when they’re trying to decide whether or not to verify someone is whether or not there’s enough press about them to establish that they are notable and, therefore, at the risk of being impersonated. So, the best thing you can do is link to any press articles you have about you in the blue badge application, which you can do in the app.

What is Instagram ‘Save Login Info’? Should I turn it on?

Instagram will save your credentials on your device and on your iCloud (if you use an iPhone). If you log out of your account, sign in with another, and then log out of that account, your main account's login information will be auto-filled, and a screen will appear saying, "Log in with (YOUR_USERNAME)". You wouldn't need to enter your login information there as the app has saved your login credentials.

Best Practice - only use this if you have access to your device and it locks with a biometric password (Face ID, for example, and not an easy password).

I have 2FA. Does this mean I’m 100% protected from being hacked?

2FA is a must! But it doesn’t protect you from everything.
Today, real-time phishing attacks will bypass 2FA by asking you also to insert your 2FA code (and if you already have your password away, what’s to stop you from providing your 2FA code?)
However, 2FA does definitely help if your credentials have been leaked when another website/app was hacked.
Two-factor authentication is just one more part of the puzzle to help keep you safe.
The most important element is - AWARENESS.

I keep getting reset password notifications from Instagram. Does this mean my account was hacked?

Common question - Are you getting legit emails from Instagram asking if you want to reset your password? Without you asking for it!?
This does not mean you’re hacked. Anyone can get Instagram to send you these emails just by going to ‘forgot my password’ and inserting your username!
It might be annoying, but it does not mean your account is compromised.

I’m Moving for a new phone, but I don’t remember my Instagram password, what should I do?

Your situation is quite unique since you don't know your password, but you do have access to your account on your old phone.

The best way to handle this, according to our team, is:

  1. Do not log out of your current phone. Stay logged-in in order always to have a logged-in device during this process.
  2. On any other device (computer, new phone), try to log in to your account, and if needed: request password recovery.
  3. Once you're logged in on the new device, then we can be sure that you have everything you need to log in.
  4. Log in on your new phone.
  5. Before giving away your old phone, make sure you "factory reset" it.

One more very important thing: What method of 2-factor authentication do you use? If it's an app on your phone, you have to make sure you import it to your new phone before getting rid of your old phone (check your application's support pages to see how to do this). Otherwise, if your method is a text message, then you're all good.

What is Instagram login activity?

Inside Login Activity, Instagram shows you a list of devices that have recently logged into your Instagram account anytime. 

Whenever there's a login to your account from a device or web browser Instagram doesn't recognize, Instagram will limit access to certain security and account settings for a few days to help keep your account safe.

You'll only be temporarily limited from accessing these settings when using a device Instagram doesn't recognize. If you'd like to change these settings during this time, you can access them by logging into your account from a device or web browser that you regularly use to access Instagram to mark your device as a trusted device/location.

You can log out of that location or device if you don't recognize a recent login.

Pro’s Tip - once a week, review your login activity and check for new logged-in devices.

What if there is no option for security in my Instagram account settings?

You’re probably logged in from a new device or location. 
Instagram has a security feature that helps protect your account from unauthorized access. When you log in to your account from a device or web browser that Instagram doesn't recognize, Instagram may limit your access to certain security and account settings for a few days. This ensures that only you have access to your account and is not compromised by unauthorized access.

During this time, if you need to change your account settings, you can log in from a device or web browser that you regularly use to access Instagram. This will help Instagram recognize your device as a trusted device or location, and you will be able to access all the settings and features of your account without any limitations.

What are your recommendations for ensuring a positive experience on Instagram?

Here are a few recommendations if you want to make sure Instagram has a positive experience -

  1. Unfollow anybody that regularly posts stuff that brings you down. You can always mute them if you are worried about them getting upset.
  2. If you have any accounts you follow that you want to see their post, add them to Favorites.
  3. If someone you know is harassing you, Restrict them. This is like blocking them, but they’ll never find out.
  4. If someone you don’t know is harassing you, Block them, and you can easily say yes to blocking all of their other accounts, including any they create in the future.
  5. If you are getting a lot of comments or message requests you aren’t into, make sure you have Hidden Words turned on and add any words you’d like, and any comments or messages with those words will be blocked on your behalf.
  6. Make sure you have peace of mind with Notch social media insurance against hacks ts (basically, we are your on-call security guards).

How to check Instagram shadowban?

The most common ways to understand if your account is shadowbanned are -  

  1. Try searching for your account on Instagram by logging out of your account and searching for your username. If your account does not appear in the search results, it could indicate that you have been shadowbanned. 
  2. You can do the same with a friend or other account at the Instagram explore tab.
  3. Check your account status in your account settings.

It's important to note that shadowbanning is not an official Instagram feature, and the algorithm for determining it is not publicly known. Suppose you suspect that your account has been shadowbanned. In that case, you can try adjusting your behavior on the platform, such as avoiding using spammy hashtags, not engaging in automated or excessive activity, and avoiding content that violates Instagram's community guidelines.

Using 3rd third-party apps and Chrome extensions may also result in shadowbanning since users have limited visibility into their background actions. Some of these apps and extensions may use your account for other activities without your knowledge or consent.

If you have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out, drop us a DM @getnotch (on Instagram), and our experts will check it for you for personalized support. Stay safe and happy Instagramming!


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