Insurance for your Instagram account

Insure your Instagram account against hacks and enjoy the peace of mind every creator deserves.

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"IG was our full time business, we had built a huge active community, we had several collaborations with brands and it was our only source of income - and suddenly it was all gone."

Flip flop wanderers
Flip flop wanderers
@flipflopwanderers, 109k followers

"My worst fear is losing my account and all the hard work I’ve put into it, that’s why I couldn’t be more excited about Notch.״

Chasity Hobbs
Chasity Hobbs
@through.the.llyns, 52k followers

"A lot of my business is done on Instagram, so it's important for me to protect my account! Notch is the FIRST insurance for creators that covers your account from hacks."

Braden Galloway
Braden Galloway
@bradengalloway, 177k followers

"Your social media is your business so it’s important to treat it as such, protect what you love with Notch and take ownership of your assets."

Mahna Ghafori
Mahna Ghafori
@mahnatravel, 89k followers
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Taylor’s Instagram Insurance Policy


Real time monitoring

No suspicious activity for the last 7 days
I got hacked

Let us worry when things go south

Focus on creating great Instagram content and generating revenue, without the fear of losing everything to a hack.

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Daily payouts

For each day your Instagram account is hacked, you’ll receive a daily payment based on your coverage. Yes, we said daily.

Crisis management

Our retrieval and crisis management team will do what it takes to get your account back in your hands as soon as possible.

Security assessments

We make sure your account is as secure as possible, and scan the dark web to check if your credentials have been leaked.

A financial safety net if you get hacked

Our policy offers loss of income insurance for up to 3 months. This means you’ll get reimbursed for every day you cannot access your account in the event of a hack.

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Crisis management team working for you

Now you don’t need to waste hours desperately searching for advice about getting your account back. Our dedicated team of experts works around the clock to help you retrieve your account.

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Built and tailored to fit your needs.

Notch is a simple way for influencers, creators, and businesses to protect and insure their Instagram business accounts against hacks. This insurance is for you, whether you are a fashionista, traveler, photographer, trainer, or any other business that relies on Instagram as a source of income.

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Insure your account.
Protect your business.

Create and earn on IG without the fear of losing everything to a hack.

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