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To Notch, agents are crucial partners in helping customers get the best protection for their social media accounts. Together, we can innovate the insure-tech world with the first insurance for digital assets.

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Welcome to our agent portal - your gateway to a seamless sales experience. Get a quote in 60 seconds, cancellations, claims, and endorsements all online.

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Who we insure?

Millions of people and small businesses are making money online these days, whether it's through social media platforms, gaming, eCommerce, NFTs, and more!

These people need to insure their assets just like anyone would insure their home or physical store. That’s why they need you.

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Notch social media coverage

The insurance covers loss of income up to 90 days.

  • Paid on a daily basis.
  • No deductible.
  • 48 hours waiting period.
  • No loss of income verification needed.

The premium includes our value-added services - which help with prevention and account retrieval.

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Let’s find the coverage your clients need

Notch insurance is simple, affordable, and innovative. Our automated underwriting system allows you to get insurance quotes in seconds, along with all of our insights, allowing you to work directly with your customers.

Independent broker-dealers at his office

How it works?


Fill out and submit your agency details using our form. Once approved, you’ll be notified immediately and asked to sign our contract.


Additional documents (such as a copy of your agency license and resident license for a principal-agent) will be needed.


Once received and verified, we will grant your access to the Notch Agent Portal. Log in and start quoting and binding!

Start selling in the next 24 hours!

Together, we can innovate the insure-tech world with the first insurance for digital assets.

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