We Cover NFTs
against social engineering attacks.

Protect your NFT against smart contract manipulation and phishing

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Why do you need to protect your NFTs with Notch?

Easy to setup

5 clicks, and you’re insured. Simple self-service all the way from onboarding to filing a claim

Loss of funds

Reimbursements of lost funds caused by hacking, smart contracts scams, and social attacks.

Peace of mind

Notch Insurance is the best way to protect yourself in web3 against loss to theft and fraud.

Trusted by the people you trust.

"As more of our economy gets tokenized and digitized, consumers become much more exposed to cyber attack vectors. We view Notch as a necessary layer of security and trust that will protect consumers and unlock massive demand in the metaverse economy"

Tal Morgenstern,
Lightspeed Ventures

“As we traverse into decentralization, new risks arise, we’ll need to be responsible for ensuring the safety of our digital assets.”

Digital artist

"Social engineering attacks are one of the biggest fundamental risks to retail investors' participation in NFT ownership. I believe that Notch will help provide investors with greater peace of mind in protecting their most valued NFT assets."

Tekin Salimi,
Polychain Capital

״ Someone hacked my wallet! I recently got all my NFTs stolen from my wallet, i’m so mad and frustrated because it was so random. Lucky to have Notch in my financial toolbox.”

L0nely M0nkey,
NFT collector

Coverage that fits the industry's top wallets

Hacks can happen to anyone at any time. Notch insures your NFTs.

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Social Engineering and phishing

Cover for social engineering, phishing attack, and funds transfer scams.

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Hardware Theft

Theft of devices that can generate access to your wallets and steal your assets.

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Smart Contract manipulations

Avoid hidden fees, vulnerabilities, or other tricks in smart contracts.

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Advisors can answers questions, provide guidance, and tailor coverage to your wallet.

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