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Instant Quote

5 clicks and you’re insured. Simple self-service all the way from onboarding to filing a claim.

Real Time Alerts

We notify you if your account is hacked and hook you up
with our team before you know it.

Immediate Payouts

For each day your account is hacked you’ll get a daily payment based on your coverage.

Retrieval Service

A dedicated team of experts works around the clock to retrieve your digital asset, by any means necessary.

Let us worry





Tweet, create content, and generate revenue without the fear of losing it all to a hack. Focus on what matters.

A financial safety net if you get hacked

If your Twitter account is hacked, our policy provides loss of income insurance for up to 3 months to reimburse you for each day you are unable to access your account.

Get your account back in no time with our help

Don't waste your time Googling the internet for advice on how to recover your hacked Twitter account. Leave it to our team of experts, who work around the clock (just like Elon Musk, except they don't need a red Tesla Spacesuit to function).

24/7 security guard for your Twitter

Our monitoring and alerting system enables us to detect suspicious activity on your Twitter account in real-time. As soon as we identify an issue, we will promptly notify you and provide assistance from our dedicated team.

Tweet without worrying

Starting at $8/month, our policy provides loss of income insurance for up to three months to give you peace of mind while using Twitter.

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Onboarding and Underwriting Process

Our underwriting system analyzes your account's fundamental data to generate a tailored quote specifically for your account. We are experts in offering the best coverage options for your unique needs.

Once you purchase your social media insurance, our policy will be emailed to you upon approval. As soon as your plan is activated, we will monitor your account for any suspicious activity and scan the dark web for leaked personal credentials.

onboarding with ease

The Claims Process

In the unfortunate event that your Twitter account is hacked, filing a claim is easy. Simply visit your dashboard to initiate the process. Once approved, you will automatically receive daily payments for the duration of the hack, up to 90 days. Protect yourself with our seamless claim process and timely reimbursement.

While our dedicated crisis management team investigates your case and works tirelessly to retrieve your account, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Built and tailored to fit your needs.

Notch is the new way for Twitter creators to protect their content in the digital world. Our insurance policies cover:

Social engineering attacks icon
Social engineering attacks

Social engineering attacks mean any and all techniques aimed at intentionally misleading you in order to gain access to your Twitter account.

Phishing icon

Often occurs when an attacker masquerades as a trusted entity to steal your data, including account login credentials.

Sim Swapping

It is a form of identity theft where a criminal steals your mobile phone number by assigning it to a new SIM card and by so to access your account.

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Backed by global leaders

We work with some of the biggest creators like @caseyneistat and @nasdaily, and backed by HSB, a global leader in insurance rated A++ by AM Best.