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Why do creators need insurance?

How does Notch protect creators?

What kind of insurance do creators need?

What kind of policies does Notch offer for creators?

How long will it take for my policy to become active?

Can I insure multiple accounts?

How much does Notch Insurance cost?

How does Notch calculate my insurance cost?

How can I cancel my Notch policy?

Where is Notch available?

When can I expect Notch to be available in my state?

What is manual approval and why isn’t my policy automatically sent to me?

What does my policy include?

Can I change my coverage?

What will happen to my policy if my account grows?

What’s not covered in Notch’s policy?

What types of accounts does Notch insure?

How does the claims process work with Notch?

How long will I be insured for if I get hacked?

What if I get hacked while I’m not on my phone?

How can I make sure I don't get hacked and secure my account in a better way?

How can I know I’ve been hacked?

How do hackers hack accounts?

Does regular cyber insurance not cover creators?