Don't Let Hackers Ruin Your 2023: Follow These 5 Security Tips

Elool Jacoby

CPO and Co-Founder at Notch

Instagram security

Okay, we get it - you don’t need to protect your account, your account is perfectly secure…or is it? Because then you wouldn’t be here, right?

Give this checklist a quick read and see if your account is really as secure as you think it is. If you took all five of these important measures, I guess you can say you’re safe, as long as you never give out your information to anyone!

My account is 100% secure, I don’t need Social Media insurance. Or do I?

Keep your account safe with these five security measures

Turn on 2FA! 

Or make sure it’s on already. We can’t stress this any harder. Having that extra layer of protection on your account is super important and will make it extremely hard for hackers to try to gain access to your accounts.

Make sure your contact information is updated 

On all of your accounts! If you lose access to the account, you will be able to log in again by using your email or phone number. If you don’t have access to the email address and phone number connected, you can sadly say goodbye to your account. According to Meta's latest report, your chances of getting your account back if you get hacked are double if you have up-to-date contact details in your account.

Make your password unique 

for each account, you have online! The more complicated, the better. We know they’re hard to remember - use a password manager, so you don’t have to keep a long list of passwords anywhere! 25% of account takeovers happen because the person first got their email hacked or their phone number is used by someone else.

Never use third-party apps you don’t 100% trust 

You also shouldn’t use apps that offer likes and followers - they are never verified by Instagram and go against Instagram’s terms of service. This year, Meta has recently uncovered more than 400 malicious apps that targeted creators and were designed to steal login information. Allowing third-party apps a connection to your account is not always a bad thing, though - it depends on what kind of permissions and, more importantly, what type of app they are. If there are any apps you don’t recognize, click “remove” on your settings page on the Instagram app.

Insurance for Social media  

Social media insurance can help protect businesses against the financial consequences of a hack or data breach that occurs on their social media accounts. This type of insurance can cover and reimburse for your financial losses that may have been incurred due to the hack (also known as - Business interruption insurance). It's important to note that social media insurance does not guarantee that your social media accounts will not be hacked. Instead, it's a way to financially protect your business if a hack does occur.


So was your account as secure as you thought it was? Did you check off all five boxes?
As we move into the new year, it's important to prioritize the security of your social media accounts. Following these 5 social media security tips can help protect yourself and your business online. Whether you're using social media, email, or other online services, these tips can help you stay safe and secure in 2023. Don't let hackers ruin your year – make sure keeping your accounts secure is a top priority, and start the year off right with these essential security measures.

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