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As an Instagram content creator, you’re on a journey to become your best, most empowered, entrepreneurial self. But no one, no matter how passionate and dedicated they are, can make that journey alone! To surpass your goals and create better content than ever, you’ll need support and guidance from those who have been there before. 

Luckily, there are so many veteran Instagram creators who are sharing their wisdom online. From podcasts, to newsletters, to Facebook groups, these resources can help you get informed, build connections, and set yourself up for success in the creator economy. 

Here are some must-have resources if you’re interested in the entrepreneurial side of the content creator life. 

Influencer Marketing Hub

First up is an exceptional all-in-one resource — Influencer Marketing Hub. This educational platform is designed as a resource for anyone engaged in the thriving creator economy, be they influencers, agencies, brands, or marketers. 

Influencer Marketing Hub offers a newsletter, online courses, useful articles, and even tools like an earnings calculator and follower count tracker. 

Wherever you are in your content creator journey, Influencer Marketing Hub is an excellent place to start learning, growing, and educating yourself about the creator economy. 

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Facebook Groups for content creators

As an Instagram content creator and social media influencer, you might not think to visit Facebook very often. But Facebook groups are actually one of the best places you can find support, build professional relationships, and grow your network! 

Because Facebook groups are private, they’re an ideal space for sharing with other creators and Instagram entrepreneurs. You can use these communities to meet new creators to collaborate with, engage with each other’s content, and get valuable advice. 

Here are some excellent Facebook groups for Instagram creators. 

This smaller, but active group caters to female bloggers and other online entrepreneurs, as well as content creators. Introduce yourself, meet new people and share resources. You can even register for one of LadyBlogger’s online courses if you need more targeted education. 

This large online community helps influencers, business owners, and anyone looking to expand their brand make the most of Instagram and its incredible potential. The group is founded and hosted by Alex Tooby, a business coach who has 62.3K followers on her own Instagram account. 

Ace the Gram is an educational community run by New Zealand influencers @tastefullytash and @vivconway. This group is a space for the hosts to share exclusive advice and content, as well as for members to ask questions and help one another reach their goals. 


Podcasts for content creators

Is there any better way to get some advice than a heartfelt conversation with a friend? Well, that’s the experience a great podcast can give you! 

The best podcasts feel like an authentic, genuine conversation with someone who’s been where you are, and knows what you’re going through. That’s what makes them such a great way for experienced creators to share their journey. 

Here are some of our top picks for social media influencers: 

Hashtag Authentic is for “dreamers, makers, entrepreneurs and creatives who want to grow their online audience without having to sell their soul.” If you want to grow on Instagram in a way that feels natural and true to yourself — but still reach your professional goals — this is the podcast for you! 

That’s right — it’s Tash and Viv again! Ace The Gram is the top-ranked podcast about mastering Instagram. It’s must-listen if you’re serious about using Instagram to grow your company or personal brand. It’s especially great if you’re also a devotee of the Ace the Gram Facebook group. 

If you’re passionate about the business side of content creation, this podcast will have you glued to your AirPods. Influencer Business is all about the up-and-coming industry of content creators, featuring in-depth interviews with some of most exciting creators and brands who are driving it forward. 

Newsletters for content creators

What about some professional development alongside your morning coffee? Newsletters are a great way to get regular updates on your industry, and make education part of your daily routine. 

Some newsletters are geared towards creators specifically, while others keep you informed about the digital marketing or social media world as a whole. Even newsletters catering to influencer marketing professionals can provide wisdom - you can see what the key talking points are from the brand side, see examples of influencer campaigns that can give you inspiration for your own work, and so on.

Here are three newsletters to subscribe to if you want to sharpen your knowledge, and stay at the forefront of the creator and influencer marketing industry. 

The Publish Press is by creators, for creators. Every Tuesday and Friday, this newsletter, by the team behind the Colin and Samir YouTube channel, shares the top three stories that are defining the creator economy — and why they matter.

Some 14,000 people subscribe to Jay Clouse’s weekly newsletter, which features interviews with top creators from various platforms, practical advice for growing audiences, and more. 

For influencers and content creators, social media is the air we breathe. That’s why it’s so important to stay up to date on the social media landscape as a whole. Sign up for The Social Media Examiner’s newsletter, and you’ll also get their 14th annual report on the state of social media marketing.

Keep up with all the trending news in influencer marketing, with these top-notch, curated stories. While it’s targeted at marketers who work with influencers, rather than creators themselves, this newsletter can give you a valuable look into the state of your industry and what brands and partners are looking for.  

Creators are business owners

To find success as an Instagram content creator, you need to treat your account like what it is — an online business. 

That means learning the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, keeping up to date on your industry, and finally, protecting the income-generating digital asset you’ve worked so hard to build. 

But until recently, there was no dedicated insurance for content creators, like exists for other, more traditional kinds of businesses. That’s why we launched Notch — the very first Instagram insurance for digital assets. 

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