The essence of your brand is housed in your social media accounts. Everything from vision to vibe is communicated with carefully curated posts for your followers and prospects, leading them to your business. They like you and they need your services. It’s no wonder you see high engagement with your brand on the ‘gram. 

With all that interest, one would think it’d be easier to book gigs, sell products and services, and get paid through Instagram. But can you get paid on Instagram? Getting paid directly from your Instagram almost sounds too good to be true, however, there are a number of tools (including HoneyBook’s clientflow management platform and Meta Pay) that can support taking payments directly from your account and even track sales for you.

How can you get paid directly from your Instagram?

There are a few ways you can get paid through Instagram:

  1. Link a third-party payment platform in your Instagram link app or profile bio
  2. Link your clientflow management platform directly in your Instagram bio to accept payment faster
  3. Use Meta Pay for direct payment options

1. Direct clients to a third-party payment platform (sell anything this way)

One easy way to get paid on Instagram is by using a link tool on your social to take vendors to a third-party payment processor. Tools like and Koji all take your prospects from your Instagram page to your content, press, or another advertising element. Naturally, these link tools can also help you get paid directly through your Instagram. 

If you already use a payment processing application to get paid, it’s easy to link your PayPal, Square, Stripe, or other payment platform either directly in your Instagram bio or resource landing page platform. 

Link in bio
Link in bio -  take your prospects from your Instagram page to your website

The benefits of linking to a third-party payment processor 

When you provide a link to your preferred payment processor, the funds are deposited into the processor immediately. That means they’re available right when the client is ready to pay, or right as they purchase a product.

The drawbacks of linking to a third-party payment processor 

If you’re running a successful small business, linking directly to your third-party payment processor keeps you at risk of miscategorizing payments. If you sell services, it’s not obvious out the gate what the client is paying for. You may have emailed them an invoice with the dollar amount, but unless they have it in front of them, it’s possible they’ll pay the incorrect amount.

The exception to this is the following: You send an invoice via Square or PayPal, and the customer chooses to go to your Instagram and click through to PayPal, find their invoice in their account and pay that way. Sound clunky? That’s because it is!

It’s easy to see who paid and for what, but you’re tasked with attaching the invoice if applicable, uploading the payment to your accounting software, and doing all sorts of back-end work. Because of this, you likely won’t be able to scale this process.

Lastly, payment fees can make relying on online payment processing platforms expensive, unless you find the exact right one. This leads me to option two…

2. Funnel your profile visitors into your clientflow (best for selling services)

Each of these payment methods won’t work for everyone—particularly Instagramers and Tik Tokers that sell services. If you’re an independent business owner selling services like consultations or business optimization, you also need a way to book and bill clients straight from your Instagram. 

The process of bringing in prospects, from discovery to booking to project closure (and everything in between), is known as a clientflow. HoneyBook, an all-in-one clientflow management platform for service-based businesses, offers scheduling, service selection, invoicing, and payment—and it all integrates with QuickBooks.

HoneyBook will bring prospects from your IG directly into your clientflow with the click of a button. They can fill out a client intake form, answer questions related to their project, send them to you, and before you know it they’ve booked services and received an invoice. HoneyBook is a no-brainer for independent service-based small businesses. 

Clientflow - best for selling services

What’s the scenario with a clientflow management platform? 

Here are some scenarios where a link to your clientflow platform on your gram is the fastest way to book more clients and collect payment:

Scenario one: You’re a photographer with flat rates for portraits. Your contact form is linked in your bio on Instagram, making it easy for prospective clients to inquire about your services. You use HoneyBook to create an automated response that sends a client questionnaire 15 minutes after the inquiry to determine if the client is a good fit. Once you review the response, send over the service selection menu, invoice, and payment collection. HoneyBook allows you to book clients and take payment in one simple step.

Scenario two: You’re an online coach and influencer that uses Instagram to attract new and nurture existing clients. You offer 1:1 client entry consultations for $50 an hour. A prospect books through a link on your gram to your intake process, which triggers an automatic email outlining expectations with an invoice attached. The payment goes straight to your bank account and the transaction synchs with your QuickBooks.

Better yet, HoneyBook's competitive processing fees blow other payment processors out of the water. HoneyBook charges only 2.9% + 25c for cardholder-entered credit cards.

The benefits of linking to a clientflow management platform

When all of your client conversations, invoicing, and payment happens through HoneyBook, it keeps your time and overhead as low as possible. No more trying to match emails with invoices and payments; HoneyBook has built that in for you. You can even manage everything from your phone with HoneyBook’s Android and iOS apps.

Linking HoneyBook’s instant booking capabilities help you get paid immediately, and it also helps you capture leads. Even if a prospective client doesn’t book straight away, you can nurture them through your email list. By being irresistible through consistent content creation on your Instagram and email list that speaks directly to your prospect’s needs, you’ll keep them interested and convince them in the end that you’re the right fit for their needs.

Lastly, the credit card fees are so low, why wouldn’t you keep everything in your clientflow management platform? The time and cost savings will pay you back later in more family time or some rest and relaxation.

Protect your Instagram and your clients

Less scattered information means your client's information is more secure than if you’re juggling multiple sources of information per gig. This is especially true when paired with Notch. Notch Instagram insurance protects your account from thieves, keeping your brand safe from threat actors. If your work gets compromised, Notch will compensate you—keeping payment rolling in.

The drawbacks of linking to a clientflow management platform 

The only drawback is for those who sell goods rather than services. Shoppers can’t pick and choose products to be shipped to them with HoneyBook!

 from discovery to booking
From discovery to booking

3. Use Meta Pay through Instagram (best for direct product sales)

The most straightforward of payment methods, Meta Pay allows you to take payment directly from your Instagram account in your direct messages. 

The benefits of using Meta Pay

This is great for selling goods or services and is managed by Meta (the owner of Instagram) so all of your help queries can be answered from one place. The seamless connection means customers can find you through Instagram or Meta/Facebook.

The drawbacks of using Meta Pay

While Meta Pay is an easy solution for capturing payment, there’s a lot it can’t do. While clients can make a purchase and that purchase hits your bank account, the paper trail only exists in the form of a transaction on your bank statement. No invoices or further breakdown exists. While this may be fine for those selling individual products, it’s not great for those who sell services.

How to use Meta pay
In-app Meta pay

Find the best way to pay through Instagram with one of these three options

So what’s the verdict? Can you get paid on Instagram? The good news is YES! You’ve got options, and those options depend entirely on what you sell. For goods (e.g., necklaces, sweaters, etc.) Meta Pay is your best option. For selling your services (e.g., life coaching sessions, copywriting, photography sessions), HoneyBook’s clientflow management platform is the go-to.

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