Comprehensive guide to Instagram bans understanding, prevention, recovery, and avoidance strategies for the different forms of suspensions.

Instagram enforces strict rules and community guidelines to maintain a safe and respectful community that can fit all ages and cultures. Most of the guidelines are automatically enforced by the Instagram algorithm, and if a user violates these rules and community guidelines, their account may be banned or restricted. 

According to Notch Insurance research, 1,400 creators’ accounts get suspensions from Instagram in the US daily! 

Here are four types of bans on Instagram, best practices to avoid suspension, and what to do if you get disabled or restricted:

Temporary Ban

For example, when specific actions are restricted for a particular time. There are different types of account restrictions. 

  1. Communication restrictions - you can't follow, like, or comment on other people's posts or direct messages to other accounts. 
  2. Posting restrictions - sometimes, a temporary ban prevents the account owner from posting posts, reels, and stories.
  3. Temporary blocked - in this case, you’ll be logged out and can’t access your account, and have to verify your identity process.

A temporary block usually lasts 3-7-24 hours or 3-7-21 days. The first time the ban will be short. But the more often the violations are repeated, the longer the ban will last.

How temporary suspensions looks like?
Common temporary suspension notifications

How to avoid temporary suspensions: 

These tips can reduce the risk of temporarily suspending on Instagram and keeping your account safe - 

  1. Don't engage in spammy behavior: Avoid repetitive comments and messages, don’t use bots to follow or unfollow accounts, and send spammy direct messages.
  2. Avoid posting content that violates Instagram community guidelines: This includes posting hate speech, nudity, violence, and other inappropriate content.
  3. Use relevant hashtags: Avoid using irrelevant hashtags to get more post engagement. Instagram can flag this as spammy behavior.
  4. Don't post too frequently: Posting too much can lead to temporary suspensions on Instagram, especially if your posts are flagged as spam.
  5. Be careful with automated tools and 3rd party apps: Using automated tools to grow your account can be risky. Instagram can detect mechanical behavior and suspend your account.
  6. Limit the number of actions you perform in a short period of time, such as avoiding tagging too many people or excessively following and unfollowing others, as these activities can be perceived as spammy by Instagram and lead to a temporary suspension of your account.

What to do if my Instagram account is temporarily disabled? 

Recently, Instagram added a new notification with more details regarding the restrictions with a limited date and action. In most cases, the user's account is restored automatically after the ban period is over. 

Permanent Ban

A permanent ban is the most severe type of ban on Instagram. This leads to total account deletion without the right to restore it. A permanent ban can be triggered by repeated violations of Instagram rules: spamming, mass-following, and mass-liking. If your account is permanently banned, the account's followers and visitors will see a message stating that the page is unavailable and you won’t be able to log in to your account.

How Permanent suspension looks like?
Common permanent suspension notifications.

How to avoid permanent suspensions?

There are several ways to avoid getting permanently suspended on Instagram:

Check your account status: Professional Instagram accounts can review whether their content meets Instagram's Recommendations Guidelines under Account Status. These guidelines are stricter than the Community Guidelines, and failure to comply with them can significantly decrease the reach of your content. You can view which of your posts, stories, comments, profile photo, or bio violates these guidelines and take action accordingly by editing, removing, or disputing the decision.

Here’s how to get to it: Profile -> Menu -> Settings -> Account -> Account Status.

How to check your Instagram account status
How to check your Instagram account status

Respond to warnings and alerts: If you receive a warning or alert from Instagram, take it seriously and make the necessary changes to your behavior. Ignoring warnings can lead to more severe consequences.

Do not be light-headed while going through the verification process: Verification may be required at some point to ensure that real people rather than bots own Instagram accounts. Instagram may also ask for verification when suspicious activities are detected in an account. It is crucial to take the verification process seriously, as being careless can permanently suspend your account.

Do not engage in spammy behavior: Avoid using bots or other automated tools (3rd party apps) to generate likes, comments, or followers. These types of activities can trigger Instagram's spam filters and may result in your account being suspended.

Avoid posting inappropriate content: Instagram prohibits the posting of content that is sexually explicit, violent, or discriminatory. Be sure to carefully review your posts before publishing them to ensure they comply with Instagram's guidelines.

What to do if my Instagram account is permanently disabled?

Suppose you got suspended because your account doesn't follow Instagram's Community Guidelines. In that case, you’d get an option to appeal the Instagram decision - the appeal process can take up to two business days, and you will not have access to your account during this time.

In most cases, you’ll have to understand the reason by email from Instagram and fill out the relevant form based on the reason - 

  1. Your account was deactivated for violating Instagram’s Terms of Use.
  2. Your account was deactivated by mistake.
  3. Your account was hacked, and they disabled the account.

The Shadow Ban

What is shadowban?

The social network's own rules are silent about it. Instagram denies its existence. Those who believe in it describe its manifestations as a dramatic drop in a post and stories impressions to three times or more. However, the posts do not appear in the recommended posts. Moreover, hashtags do not work in the account. This ban is given to accounts that violate network rules:

Spamming, plagiarizing other users' content, abusing other users, complaining about the account, etc. Its main difference from others is that the punishment is not visible.

How to check if my Instagram account shadow banned?

Suppose you suspect that your account's visibility has been limited. In that case, it's best to check your account status within the app - to review your account status:

Go to your Instagram profile >> Click on Settings >> Click on Help >> Open up Account Status.

How to check if my Instagram account has been shadowbanned?
How to check if your account has been shadowbanned?

You can ascertain whether you have published content suitable for Instagram, discover the steps to take if your content is removed, or file an appeal ("disagree with decision") in response to Instagram's rulings.

How to avoid shadowbanning?

There are a few things you can do to try to prevent it (besides reviewing and following Instagram's community guidelines), like stop using automation tools or other third-party apps (Instagram's terms of service prohibit the use of automation tools that can be used to increase engagement or followers artificially) and avoid using hashtags that are commonly associated with spammy behavior, as these can flag your account.

For more details, you may peruse Instagram's official reply regarding Shadow banning and gain insights into how Instagram's ranking system operates.

Instagram's bans and restrictions are implemented to maintain a safe and respectful community for all users. You need to familiarise yourself with the platform's rules and regulations to avoid any potential bans or restrictions. If you have any questions feel free to contact our experts at or DM @getnotch (on Instagram).


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